Become a publicly held company, either via reverse merger or IPO, is a hallmark event. Firms can gain significant advantages from going public:

  • Enhance prestige, brand awareness, credibility and pubic image
  • Create significant wealth for the founders and original investors
  • Gives investors confidence that they are dealing with an SEC Reporting Public Company.
  • Present much higher value as a public company than its private counterparts. While private companies are usually valued at five to seven times of their earnings, public companies are mostly start at 25 times.
  • Become a more liquid and diversified share capital base for potential exit strategy, future acquisitions of other business, etc.
  • Broader and easier access to investment and capital raising sources at lower cost. Company can return to public markets for additional capital, or negotiate a favorable term with private investors
  • Reduce the need for venture capital and bank financing
  • Grow your business through mergers and acquisitions
  • Attract, retain and reward talents with share and share options benefits and compensation, while keep salaries reasonable
  • Bring in experienced and reputable experts on board
  • Reverse merger potential
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